Sandro Pezzelle

About me

PhD Student in Cognitive and Brain Sciences, track Language, Interaction and Computation at CLIC Lab (CIMeC, University of Trento) under the supervision of Raffaella Bernardi. My current research - at the intersection between Computational Linguistics, Computer Vision and Cognition - is focused on the learning of quantity expressions (numbers, proportions, quantifiers). I'm proudly member of QUANTIT-CLIC - QUANTities in Images and Text at CLIC Lab (new website!). I’d define myself as an enthusiastic, communicative, multifaceted person. Proactive and inclined to lifelong learning. "Let’s try!" as a personal motto. My code is full of print.

Besides academia, I'm co-founder, project manager and artistic director of indievano and contributor for Offset Magazine (music, trends, lifestyle).